Best Way to Clean and Maintain Your CPAP Machine

When using a CPAP machine, a cleaning the CPAP machine is a very useful way to reduce the possibility of respiratory infections. Proper maintenance and cleaning are essential to keep the system at its best performance and ensure durability. In the following paragraphs, let us discuss more information about CPAP machine cleaning and maintenance.

Why is it important to clean the CPAP machine

As far as the function of the CPAP machine is concerned, it is difficult to continuously send air pressure into the airway of the human body. The atmosphere is usually humid, which provides an ideal breeding ground for the growth and reproduction of bacteria and molds. Over time, dust and allergens may also contaminate your CPAP machine. These pathogens may be inhaled when you breathe and may cause some uncomfortable symptoms or may cause more serious illness.

Oils and dead skin cells on your face and hands may breed bacteria in your mask and irritate you. Regularly repairing CPAP consumables can even extend the life of the equipment. Therefore, if CPAP accessories are cleaned regularly, it can help them live longer and can also solve common CPAP problems such as sound and skin irritation.

Which CPAP cleaning equipment should you prepare?

Everything needed to wash CPAP is probably already in your home! All you need is:

  • Warm, clean water.
  • Mild soap or dish soap.
  • Sterile dry towel.
  • Dry your equipment.

How to clean CPAP machine

If CPAP cleaning is to be performed, the tubes or hoses should be cleaned once a week to maintain mold and sterility.

Put it in warm water and insert a few drops of detergent, then rotate it to wash it. Hang it until completely dry.

CPAP mask

Since the CPAP mask directly touches your face, it needs to be cleaned once a week. Dead skin cells and bacteria will accumulate in your mask and spread directly to the skin.

Disconnect the mask in the tube and remove all parts, remove the headgear, and set it aside.

Place the CPAP mask assembly in warm soapy water and let it spin for about 4-5 minutes. The headwear may take longer to dry.

CPAP Filters

Whether you need to clean the CPAP filter frequently depends on the type of filter you use.

One is a disposable filter that needs to be discarded and replaced regularly according to the instructions.

The other is a reusable filter. Due to frequent wearing, this kind of filter will accumulate pollen, dust, and animal dander around the house. In this case, they need to be cleaned approximately once a week to effectively prevent irritants from penetrating your equipment.

Scrub the filter under warm water, then squeeze the excess water out.

Use a clean dry towel to soak up the moisture, then let it dry completely before putting it back into the CPAP.

When do you need to clean or replace the filter? When your white or gray filters are dirty, it’s time to clean or replace them.

CPAP Humidifier

Drain all remaining water first, then put it in a 1:5 vinegar solution and boil for half an hour.

Depending on your humidifier, you can actually put it in the dishwasher for washing and drying.

How Do I Disinfect My CPAP Machine?

In general, proper cleaning with warm soapy water must be sufficient to clean and disinfect the system, mask, and components. Vinegar can also be used as natural soap, but it must be washed thoroughly with soap first.

If you are particularly concerned about viral or bacterial diseases, you can consider using CPAP technology cleaners together with fungicides, but never use bleach or other household chemical cleaners. These can lead to harmful residues, which may irritate the skin or produce toxic fumes.

You can also use CPAP cleaner. These machines use ozone or ultraviolet rays to safely kill more than 99% of bacteria, viruses, molds, and diseases. However, disinfectants need to be used in conjunction with regular cleaning because they will not remove any oils, skin cells, or mineral deposits, so they should be cleaned regularly.

Your CPAP machine and accessories should be cleaned once a day according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, or at least once a week. However, if you are sick, it is best to clean every day until your body improves.

Conclusion Steps:

Clean all CPAP consumables from the morning to allow them to air dry.

Unplug the device from the power source, and then remove each component, such as the water compartment.

Clean the CPAP mask and pipeline water chamber with warm soapy water. Use mild soap.

The CPAP hose and other consumables are rinsed with sterile water. If you choose, you can now disinfect the equipment with vinegar after it has been cleaned. To do this, soak the equipment in a 1:3 vinegar solution for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with fresh water.

Finally, let all equipment air dry.


Remember to only use distilled water in the CPAP humidifier to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and minerals.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine how to properly clean the CPAP filter. Other one-time options need to be replaced.

Do not put the mask or test tube in the dishwasher. Please follow your CPAP manufacturer’s user manual carefully.

Do not dry the CPAP gear in direct sunlight, otherwise, it may cause discoloration.

CPAP machines must be replaced regularly. If you are not sure about the replacement procedure, please contact the supplier for help.

LEEL CPAP Cleaner-Best Choice for You

LEEL CPAP cleaner uses Activated Oxygen (O3) to kill 99.99% of bacteria, disinfecting the CPAP mask and humidifier water chamber, reaching every corner of your CPAP without leaving an odor smell. It will quickly complete the disinfection within 30 minutes, you can use the equipment immediately after completing the sanitation work and don’t need to do anything else.

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How to use LEEL CPAP cleaner

First, open the box and place out all the accessories, and check if there is one part missing. (Including LEEL CPAP cleaning machine, LEEL sanitizing bag, USB charger cable, power plug, adapter and connector, and user manual) Put the resealed mask neatly into the disinfection bag, first put the mask in, and then circulate the tube put it in, leaving the end of the tube outside. Connect the larger adapter to the end of the tube on the side of the CPAP cleaner. Finally, press the power button put the cleaner aside in a flat place, and wait. If you are confused, you can watch the official website video tutorial.

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